Language Preference Questionnaire

Questionnaire Overview

Time: 3 Hours

Tools: Canva

My Role: Instructional Designer


To work effectively with people from different language backgrounds, it is important to know how to best communicate in the workspace. This questionnaire allows employees to inform their new employer of their preferred language of communication based on the situation. This questionnaire is best utilized after completing this E-Learning Course.


For employers who have a high number of multilingual employees, it can be hard to understand how to have inclusive verbiage in the workplace. This can result in multilingual employees not feeling included, creating a gap in communication.


This questionnaire has been created to allow for employers to best identify mulitilingual employees. The employers can give the questionnaire to new hires and be able to refer back to the document to adjust language supports in the workplace. 


With this information at hand, employers will be able to make their workplace a more inclusive environment for multilingual employees and eliminate a gap in communication.